Abandoned buildings of Malaysia
  Pacific Mall - The Tower

Visit date
/ 2006 - 2013
Year of build / 1990's
Current status / Mothballed and secured

Updated : 24-2-2023


With obviously no working lifts inside the building the only way up to the top of the tower was a long climb up the main fire escape staircases.
During the climb up I stopped off at the roof level at the base of the tower to see the mall's skylight. The skylight is a mighty construction looking somewhat like a canopy of a WW2 bomber aircraft, but now completely peppered with damage from direct hits from falling debris. The most dangerous type of debris was probably the malls exterior cladding panels. The cladding panels remained on the malls exterior up until 2014 when they were finally removed, but by that point many of the panels had already simply dropped off! I can imagine a real world Tetris from hell scenario right there.

Continuing my climb up the tower I stopped off on various upper floors discovering old office spaces, service areas and machine rooms. Higher up on the these levels I became acutely aware of the increasing danger levels here, which included gaping open lift shafts and mantrap like access holes left completely uncovered in the floors.

Also noticeable was the gusty winds that flowed throughout the towers interior. The air was first inhaled in at the lower levels of the mall, then exhaled up through the lift shafts bringing with it the stench of foul air from the dark depths of the basement levels.

The tower block itself was never fully completed and all its levels were left completely open to the elements. Up here there was also a lot of old building materials and crated equipment left totally unsecured. All of this 'stuff' surely had the potential to becoming deadly aerial bombs if enough time and the right conditions had its way up here.

Finally reaching the end of the fire escape staircase I exited out on to the top of the tower level. Here at the top was the buildings massive metal water tanks, a maintenance crane system and the machine room for the express lifts. I love areas like this, it's a secret self contained place all of it own, and this one had the best views, too!

The only thing left remaining to see was the helipad. The helipad was its own 2 storey structure that sat ontop of the tower level like an eagles nest, with access by way of a rusty external metal staircase. A helipad was a must have optional extra for many of Malaysia's grand 1990's developments and Pacific mall must have had one of the biggest, measuring over 25 meters in diameter.

Reaching the helipad capped off my explore of the infamous Pacific Mall. I explored this location many times over the years up until 2014. Now (2023) the mall sits in the hands of a new developer that is trying to slowly bring the old building back from the dead. We wait and see what lays in store for the building in the future, a building that in my book remains as one of Malaysia's top abandoned location, bar none.

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The massive structure of the skylight that roughly measures 18 meters wide and 40 meters long. It's held up pretty well considering the abuse it's had over the decades.
An office space with the remnants of what would have been its original internal fit out strewn all about the room.
One of the top levels inside the tower. You can see the extent of building material that was still left up there. Imagine one of those wooden cable reels rolling off the edge of the building during a storm!
The towers tracked maintenance service crane.
The all metal helipad superstructure. Even if Pacific mall had become fully operational, it's debatable whether any kind of helicopter would have landed here anyway.
I think DJI Phantom 1's had just come out in 2013, I wish I had one, the photographs really don't do this specific area justice. My lens on the day simply wasn't wide enough.
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