Abandoned buildings of Malaysia
Pacific mall, Johor Bahru
Visit date(s) : 2006, 2008, 2010, 2013
Year of build : 1990's
Current status : Abandoned
This site has been abandoned since 1997. The main mall area is 5 storeys high and arranged around a large central skylight lit void. On top of the mall block is a 24 storey office tower with a helicopter pad at its very top. Total construction cost for the building was around 300 million dollars (MYR).

The mall actually opened for business for a short time after the main section was completed, but the office tower remained unfinished. I actually remember going to this mall a few times myself when it first opened. It had a bookshop on the top floor and a well known supermarket as an anchor tenant located in the basement. On the whole, the mall was very sparsely occupied in the period it operated, with what I suspect, many more individual lots being owned by property speculators than actual operating 9 to 5 businesses.

When the recession hit Malaysia in the 90’s the whole project faltered, leaving the building and its individual lot owners in limbo. Over the years following, the site became entangled in a legal mess and the building slowly fell into complete dereliction. A single security guard was kept on to keep an eye on things, but this didn’t prove that effective as in 2008 all of the malls escalators were stolen! Other far darker incidents have happened here as well, including the discovery of the burnt remains of a murder vicitim in the carpark.

Today the mall still sits abandoned with prospective parties still seemingly uncertain how to bring Pacific mall back from the dead.

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Cops keep watch on abandoned mall in Johor Bahru, 14/5/08

Fascinating construction pics of Pacific mall's massive piling works, as well as a scale model of what
Pacific mall should have looked like when completed.

(go to the last page in their International section) : http://www.abkj.com/projects/5/international

From the archives : 2006 - 2010
Over the years it's been interesting for me to see the malls gradual decomposition through a combination of natural dereliction and large scale material theft and vandalism. How such a monstrous blight on the cityscape can be left in this state for decades, defies belief.
Select current work : 2013 - ongoing

Wall collage in a small top floor corner lot.

The main atrium.

Top level food court.

Ground floor escalator stripped bare by thieves.

A top floor beauty salon or fashion shop.

Makeshift material dump.