Abandoned buildings of Malaysia
Potent spirits
Visit date : 2016
Year of build : Postwar
Current status : Abandoned
This old factory once sat on a quite out of town road, today that same road has turned into a major thoroughfare making access inside tricky. The factory dates from the 1960’s and saw work manufacturing industrial spirits.

The weather that day was wet and drizzly. The roof of the building with its many holes created a soothing sound track of dripping water that echoed throughout the decayed structure. The light was dim inside with all the windows obscured by jungle growth, the walls were also coated in thick brownish black grime; a rather hellish interior to experience first hand.

A strong odor of industrial spirits still hung in the air and upon discovering the old store rooms I found out why the smell was still so potent. Barrels of old stock as well as a massive floor to ceiling high storage tank still sat there in the darkness holding liquid product of unknown vintage.

The only main architectural highlight to be found here was a wonderful spiral staircase that serviced the factories main chimney. All other major equipment had since been removed and scrapped, leaving dangerous dark gaping holes in the floor.

2 hours into my explore here, the rain began to fall harder and my presence had now whipped up clouds of mosquitos into action, it was time to leave.