Abandoned buildings of Malaysia
The workshop house
Visit date : 2015
Year of build : Pre-war
Current status : commercial use
A small mechanics workshop now operates out of this former home, with a small office and spare parts stock rooms on the ground floor. Upstairs the house has been left vacant but it has still held on to its past with some old family belongings and furniture scattered about.

The workshop boss had been kind enough to allow me to have a quick look around up here and take some pictures; but made sure I didn’t intrude too much and I wasn’t allowed into any of the main bedrooms, but I could look in. These rooms held tantalising clues of the family before, with old photos of young adults hanging on the walls as well as old decayed photo albums left stacked on a desk in one room. All the time I was up here I was watched intently by a very stern portrait of the matriarch of the family that hung in the central hallway.

When I had finished my brief tour I thanked and bid the workshop boss goodbye, he looked a lot familiar now, like an older version of one of the young men I saw in a photograph on a wall upstairs..