Abandoned buildings of Malaysia
Tiong Hoo Villa, Malacca
Visit date : 2008 - ongoing
Year of build : 1920's
Current status : Abandoned / 2021 Major material theft, staircase and 1st floor level all removed

T.H Villa once stood a stone throws away from the sea, but after land reclamation works began now sits several kilometres away from it. It must have been an incredibly idyllic location in its time.

The first time I visited the villa it was being used as a makeshift bird farm. All kinds of birds were being looked after there in cages of all sizes packed tightly inside and outside of the building. A depressed looking pig tailed macaque was chained near the front door, its sombre mood mimicking the general feel of the place. The owner of the farm poked his head out the door and I asked if I could have a look around. He said okay. Venturing inside the villa it was a squalid mess. The floor was covered in guano and feathers and with the recent bird flu outbreak in Asia still fresh in my mind, I didn’t hang about too long inside there.

Over the coming years I kept a close eye on this villa watching it slowly change. The bird farm finally moved out in around 2013, leaving the villa empty and allowing me to explore the place once again without any restrictions.
I’ve continued to revisit the old building each time I’m in town and it’s become one of my favourite locations now. Today, (2016) it still sits abandoned and now fully overgrown. The sea is now even further away than it was before..