Abandoned buildings of Malaysia
Hennessy bungalow
Visit date : May 2016
Year of build : Pre-war
Current status : Abandoned and partially collapsed

This is a lovely old bungalow that I've been admiring for over 6 years now. Judging by its design and materials the mostly all wooden house possibly dates from the 1920's, if not earlier. It was last actively used within a year ago, but now it's abandoned after much of the frontal section of the building collapsed. Looking at the damage I suspect it may have been inflicted by scrap thieves stealing the homes ornate cast iron roof supports.

The interior was in complete disarray. The floor was littered with old kids DVD’s and books hinting at happier times of years long passed. The master bedroom still had a retro kitsch 70’s bed in place, the kind with the integrated drawers, shelves and padded head board. The owner had attempted to seal the bedroom from bugs and rain by using plastic bags. I guess you made do with what you had.

Even with the interior is such a state, the smell of decay was kept at bay by a delightful fragrant aroma. Old scented candles and other sweet smelling trinkets were strewn all around in the last room I found.